I’ve been told it could be a very good b0ok having two fathers,being raised taught that Jesus was me dad and then growing up and meeting my sister and she saying our real dad name was Lucifer and we should piss on his grave and he would come back to life.gets crazier,then the people they send me to live with after me real mom tried to kill me because I looked like a white mans baby.They raised me to be a white slave.Told me by the time I was 18 I will be beaten until I were blaker then ever been told you would be beaten until you turned another color? Well,I knew that if I didnt get back inside these gates the devil was going to entrap my mind into doing somthing that I would regret/With my family that raised me kids that stole the house they left me,I thought that every one should die because of every one having sex with eactother and they all having aids even the kids.From the daddy,i must add.Any way,plus I wa in a marrige that wasn’t good for me any longer after 7 years,she had four kids and none of them had much respect for me any more.I THOUGHT! but I was wrong and started making them hate me.So I went to west,V and started selling drugs because I knew one day I would get caught,I just ended up getting two kids in the process.So alot of my charges stemmed from me trying to get back or get away or just upset with myself and lack of support from fAMILY growing up.Im super cool with it now though,took 9 years here to do it,but I have it now,still have like three left,but, I got this and im going to be a better cetizen in yalls society so chill,give me a chance…GROWN MAN chance,and see what I do for me and MINE…They call me the REAL WHITE BOU COREY…FT.pierce Fl.

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