My name is Justin Jackson. What I would really like to tell the world, is that the federal prison system is false. It does not work. Nothing in prison helps people at all. There is no rehabilitation. There is nothing to help people stay out of prison. The entire system is all about money. Mass Incarceration does not work. Any person receiving even one year is a life sentence. Once your out, you can’t even get an apartment unless it is in a high crime area. You haven’t learned any skills since you went into prison, and the only thing you have done is miss time, and became angry. likewise, there is no oversight in prison. Prison officials can lie cheat and steal, yet nothing happens. The courts will not let you file suit against officials, cause they are “immune” in their “official capacity”. You can’t file remedies against them because then they just retaliate against you and you start to lose good time. It just goes on and on like this. The problem is that no one will listen. They just think that because we are in prison we are complaining. And since they have nothing to do with the prison system, they don’t realize that the complaints are true. So how do you fix it? Right now the BOP supervises and police’s the BOP. How does that even make since. If you had a complaint about a police officer, would you want his partner investigating your complaint? No. So why are we any different? Because we are inmates. Does that make it right? So let me tell the world that while everyone is out there looking for the next “big cause” to protest, or are looking for something to stand for, why don’t you find out what prison is really like. Then you will start to see why we have a higher incarceration rate than any other country in the world. That statistic should bother you

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