It’s been 8 long, hard years. Though I’ve had some not so bright, troubled times, i was beyond fortunate to marry my soulmate, which I’ve known for 14 years. Behind these walls you see people doing every drug known to manm and even drugs that aren’t actually even drugs to begin with-all to alter their state of mind, ME-I write books, take classes, teach classes, work in the Electrical Shop, read books to learn and teach me things that will help me out in society. I have a legit plan for once I am released, and I can’t wait to get out there to help take care of my children. I’m still seeking help editing my manuscripts, and working diligently to get back in Court- also hoping thaat they change these 924(c) mandatory minimum, mandatory consecutive laws, which are in the Supreme Court as we speak. Keep me in your prayers, please

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