You Are A Mother, A Blessing…. By. K. Garten

You Are A Mother, A Blessing..

By: K.Garten

You are a mother on this earth, there is no job like no other you will see. Barely, your twenties blessed from the God above with a little one to love. There is no age considered proper to be a mother There is one there for everyone. Whether, you are the mother of a daughter or a son.

A mother is unique in every way, whether you are the modern kind or just the antique, old-fashioned one. I know you will find we all add up to a wide range. Mothers are not one size fits all, there are some who are tall and some who are small. But, a mother’s heart from the start will always be just right for the role.

  We are the one to share, care and to make whole.

  We are there to celebrate at times and at other times to console. 

We are there every day and every night, except when we are out of sight but not out of mind. 

       Our prayers, are special in that when we get on our knees in asking God please, let her know I am proud and will shout out loud throughout this world. No longer a little girl with curls in her hair. Always know from the mother that raised you, if near or far. 

     I am always front and center, your one true mentor. To do a job like no other. My love always from your mother, a letter of love to teach this one great lesson. You are for me ever and always, the moon and the sun. Thank you for being there for me my blessed one…….

K. Garten

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